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Function wall



Vista: Single Family Residence | Apollo Architects and Associates

Japanese firm apollo architects and associates have completed ‘vista’, a single family residence positioned upon a plateau in the nishidai itabashi ward of tokyo, japan. a windowless elevation faces the street while the rear of the structure opens with a cascade of windows and balconies which overlook a sloping hill. the dwelling is oriented to face the urban context to the north while an interior arrangement extends terraces from the living spaces to allow continuous panoramic views.
The ground floor is outfitted with a straw-matted bedroom, bathroom and dressing area with both windows and a terrace to observe the landscape. an enclosed stairway leads inhabitants upwards to the spacious living and kitchen area with an attached balcony.

project info:
location: nishidai itabashi ward tokyo
date of completion: 2011.8
principal use: private housing
structure: timber structure
site area: 54.86
total floor area: 111.78 /1f(42.02), 2f(47.41), 3f(22.35)
architecture: satoshi kurosaki/apollo architects & associates
structure engineers: masaki structure laboratory, kenta masaki
facility engineers: shimada architects, zenei shimada
construction: honma construction

Lucky Drops



lucky-japan-house lucky-japan-house-1 lucky-japan-house-2 lucky-japan-house-3 (1) the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-6

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the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-22 the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-24 U5535P950DT20110616152548



Designed for an extremely small and oddly shaped plot of land just 40 ft. wide, this long, narrow home outside Tokyo features skin-like transparent external walls that let sunlight permeate the entire building. Yamashita named this house “Lucky Drops,” the equivalent to an old Japanese saying for “the best for last,” because of his effort to turn this leftover plot of land into a place of living comfort.

Much of the home’s living space is underground on the most spacious floor, where the width was not dictated by the size of the plot. Yamashita used expanded metal as the floor material, letting sunlight fall deeper underground and illuminate the underground space.


This house works like a folding fan. We can find bathroom, living room, bedroom and reading room after it unfold.

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Different color means different functions. The green part is bathroom and toilet.

images (2)

It’s fridge and oven.

images (3)

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images (6) images (5)

The rooms can be unfolded one by one.

images (8)

The mini house can be dragged just by a mini cooper.

Various functions in one room

By moving the walls he can change the function of the room. By sliding one wall out, he can also divide the space, to create two separate rooms. Walls can be opened up to the balcony, and it can be used as an extension of the space in the dwelling.

“I don’t move. I’m always here. The house moves for me”

“Inspired by small boats — their flexibility”

Reflection Of Mineral

Reflection Of Mineral

The site is located near the center of Tokyo. It is a small 44 m²  corner plot bounded by two streets. Conforming to legal conditions and in response to the client’s wish for a ‘roofed garage’ the volume was trimmed from various directions. Using the words ‘Mineral’ and ‘reflection’ as guiding concepts, Atelier Tekuto proceeded to use subtraction as a positive tool for design.