House in Hiyoshi in Yokohama, Japan | EANA

Architects: EANA
Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan
Design Team: Kohei Iwasaki, Tota Abe
Construction: Genki Kensetsu
Total floor Area: 91.10 sqm
Site Area: 104.13 sqm
Area: 45.55 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Koichi Torimura

A house located at the south of the city park on a hill was designed for a married couple. Since the site is set on the back of the hill, residents can look down a residential district and a station on the south side, and a lot of greenery at the city park surrounds the site on the north side.

Based on the owner’s economical reason and future lifestyle, the house plan was designed as simple as possible. A bedroom, a future kid-room, storage space and a bathroom are placed on the first floor with a low ceiling, which is a flexible approach in order to change for a future different way of life. On the other hand, living room in which the family spends much time is on the second floor with a 4-meter high ceiling. By having a big volume of the space, the outside greenery of the park and the open sky are coming into the room. As a result, such a spread of the room helps them to spend time there more enjoyable.


Vista: Single Family Residence | Apollo Architects and Associates

Japanese firm apollo architects and associates have completed ‘vista’, a single family residence positioned upon a plateau in the nishidai itabashi ward of tokyo, japan. a windowless elevation faces the street while the rear of the structure opens with a cascade of windows and balconies which overlook a sloping hill. the dwelling is oriented to face the urban context to the north while an interior arrangement extends terraces from the living spaces to allow continuous panoramic views.
The ground floor is outfitted with a straw-matted bedroom, bathroom and dressing area with both windows and a terrace to observe the landscape. an enclosed stairway leads inhabitants upwards to the spacious living and kitchen area with an attached balcony.

project info:
location: nishidai itabashi ward tokyo
date of completion: 2011.8
principal use: private housing
structure: timber structure
site area: 54.86
total floor area: 111.78 /1f(42.02), 2f(47.41), 3f(22.35)
architecture: satoshi kurosaki/apollo architects & associates
structure engineers: masaki structure laboratory, kenta masaki
facility engineers: shimada architects, zenei shimada
construction: honma construction

Reflection Of Mineral

Reflection Of Mineral

The site is located near the center of Tokyo. It is a small 44 m²  corner plot bounded by two streets. Conforming to legal conditions and in response to the client’s wish for a ‘roofed garage’ the volume was trimmed from various directions. Using the words ‘Mineral’ and ‘reflection’ as guiding concepts, Atelier Tekuto proceeded to use subtraction as a positive tool for design.

Transformation of an Existing Shipping Container

Location: New Zealand (Various Locations) – Architect: Port-A-Bach- 34 square meters


The relationship between interior and exterior space is unlike most container houses that I have seen. The inside is very light and spacious. With the push of a button, the container can be easily transformed, allowing people to access and exterior deck and a lofted sleeping area. The home is easily transported as it sits on 6 concrete footings and can easily be relocated.

interior spaceshower outside

As you can see, the inside and outside blur together which makes this small space seem so much larger. This cozy (sometimes open air home) easily transforms to new activities and weather.



East Village Studio Apartment by JPDA Architects

The East Village Studio Apartment designed by JPDA Architects, stretches over an area of 46 square meters (500 square feet). Rather than framing up a room with walls constituting a defined space, the functional spaces are cut out of a solid, utilizing the small spaces in a warm, cosy way. Walls are storage spaces as well, so in that sense one could argue it is a multifunctional solid divided up in storage spaces and living spaces…

Sleeping area




Entire Apartment


Entire Apartment_2


atelier tekuto: OH house

‘OH house’ by japanese firm atelier tekuto (yasuhiro yamashita) has been built on an irregularly shaped lot that is 1.5 m lower than the road. the main priority regarding the house’s design was accommodating a parking space for a car. atelier tekuto created one with a web-like steel material, where light can filter from the web onto the underground level. looking up from this area, the car appears almost as if it is floating.because having a parking space within the limited lot was a priority, atelier tekuto positioned the house’s entrance on the underground level, beside the stairs leading up from where the car is housed. upon entering the house, there is a flight of stairs to the family area with two bedrooms and a bathroom at the far side.

Salvaging Highway Sections- NOT A TINY HOUSE, BUT COOL IDEA













Location: Lexington, Massachusetts – Completed: 2007 – Architect: Pendini

370 square meters & 272 tons in recycled materials (concrete, metal, and glass) construction

While this is not a tiny house, we can get ideas from this design. Here the architect decided to salvage a material that would incorporate structure while being of a dimension that is of a typical dimension used in construction. If the city had to dispose of this structure it would have cost a lot of money to do so as well as taking up a lot of space.

highway house exterior  highway interior

Transformation of Existing Grain Silo

Location: Gruene, Texas USA

By making use of an existing structure (walls, a roof, and an existing concrete floor slab) it is easy to make good use of buildings that are no longer used for their original intention.

on truckexterior image

Before: Free Standing Grain Silo                  After: Tiny House with Porch

This tiny house made from a 1940s grain silo is a one bedroom loft that can house up to four people comfortably. It has large beds as well as a private porch for people to have a relationship with the outdoors. The diameter is 5 meters and 80 square meters and about 5.5 meters high. The structure itself exists as a fire and termite resistant and allows for the silos to be stacked or easily placed side by side.

bathroomkitchen   staircase

110 Goldhawk Road, London

Built in the 1870s, this is an older example of a ‘mini house urban infill’. The house has 4 bedrooms on 94m2, split over five levels. It’s built in the gap between an older residential building and a shop.

The main living space is in the basement level with direct access to the garden. Lots of storage on the ground floor with private spaces on the upper floors.

The narrow floor plan and the many levels make the circulation space around the stairs the building’s key element. The second floor is dedicated purely to bathroom facilities.