Lucky Drops



lucky-japan-house lucky-japan-house-1 lucky-japan-house-2 lucky-japan-house-3 (1) the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-6

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Designed for an extremely small and oddly shaped plot of land just 40 ft. wide, this long, narrow home outside Tokyo features skin-like transparent external walls that let sunlight permeate the entire building. Yamashita named this house “Lucky Drops,” the equivalent to an old Japanese saying for “the best for last,” because of his effort to turn this leftover plot of land into a place of living comfort.

Much of the home’s living space is underground on the most spacious floor, where the width was not dictated by the size of the plot. Yamashita used expanded metal as the floor material, letting sunlight fall deeper underground and illuminate the underground space.



This house works like a folding fan. We can find bathroom, living room, bedroom and reading room after it unfold.

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Different color means different functions. The green part is bathroom and toilet.

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It’s fridge and oven.

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The rooms can be unfolded one by one.

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The mini house can be dragged just by a mini cooper.

24 rooms tucked into one

NYT2009010914414855C 24_Rooms_Tucked_Into_One_Gary_Chang_Domestic_Transformer04 NYT2009010914422856C 24_Rooms_Tucked_Into_One_Gary_Chang_Domestic_Transformer06 NYT2009010914475569C 24_Rooms_Tucked_Into_One_Gary_Chang_Domestic_Transformer07 Gary Chang's 24 Rooms in a 32sqm

A 32 m2 apartment in Hong Kong that can be transformed into 24 different rooms with movable wall units.

The wall units hold for example a kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room and everything you need for the daily life. The units slide on a steel tracks bolted into the ceiling.


Space-age apartment: sliding white walls and secret spaces




An-apartment-for-Space-Age-lovers-by-dash-Marshall-22-670x517 An-apartment-for-Space-Age-lovers-by-dash-Marshall-23-670x517 An-apartment-for-Space-Age-lovers-by-dash-Marshall-24-670x517 An-apartment-for-Space-Age-lovers-by-dash-Marshall-25-670x517 An-apartment-for-Space-Age-lovers-by-dash-Marshall-26-670x517

A 70 m2 apartment in New York.

A project inspired by a client that comes from the future and lives in a small space capsule.

The apartment has a series of sliding partitions that allows the space to be reconfigured to meet the users needs.

The project is designed around four strategies:

-Simple spaces

-A friendly black hole

-Everything in its right place


Barcode room

barcode room1 barcode room2 barcode room3 barcode room4 barcode room5 barcode room6

The twelve bars include a kitchen bar, a sleeping bar and a living bar that together create a customisable space that changes with the occupants daily needs.

Furniture and storage is built into each of these simple wooden structures, creating the ultimate modular apartment for urbanites.

The “swiss army knife” of studio apartments

SwissArmyKnifeApartment3 SwissArmyKnifeApartment1

A 39m2 apartment in New York City that has been remodelled with hide-away rooms, sliding doors, convertible walls and transformable furniture to be abel to hold all functions you need for your daily life.

The apartment is a good example of minimalist-yet-functional living and of how good planning and intelligent interior design can give a better quality of life.