Vista: Single Family Residence | Apollo Architects and Associates

Japanese firm apollo architects and associates have completed ‘vista’, a single family residence positioned upon a plateau in the nishidai itabashi ward of tokyo, japan. a windowless elevation faces the street while the rear of the structure opens with a cascade of windows and balconies which overlook a sloping hill. the dwelling is oriented to face the urban context to the north while an interior arrangement extends terraces from the living spaces to allow continuous panoramic views.
The ground floor is outfitted with a straw-matted bedroom, bathroom and dressing area with both windows and a terrace to observe the landscape. an enclosed stairway leads inhabitants upwards to the spacious living and kitchen area with an attached balcony.

project info:
location: nishidai itabashi ward tokyo
date of completion: 2011.8
principal use: private housing
structure: timber structure
site area: 54.86
total floor area: 111.78 /1f(42.02), 2f(47.41), 3f(22.35)
architecture: satoshi kurosaki/apollo architects & associates
structure engineers: masaki structure laboratory, kenta masaki
facility engineers: shimada architects, zenei shimada
construction: honma construction


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