A siheyuan is a historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China, most famously in Beijing. The name literally means a courtyard surrounded by four buildings.

In ancient times, a spacious siheyuan would be occupied by a single family. Today, many remaining siheyuan are still used as dwellings, but occupied by many families.birdview

A siheyuan sometimes occupied by dozens of families.there are less than 10 square meters per family.Almost every family needs to build more rooms in the yard which will be turned into a narrow channel.



A family of four people may live in a room of 10 square meters, they made place for kitchen and eating themselves, the original room change into a bedroom which have a double bed , a bunk beds, two tables and a small sofa. After dinner table will be folded aside.




Yard filled with debris, but someone will still  plant some plants in the yard .There are public toilets in the streets, some siheyuan residents  build a public toilet in their yard .



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