make a small room look bigger

*If you can se the floor, the room will appear larger, lift things from the floor.

*Reflective surfaces,(mirrors) reflects lights and make the room more airy.

*Bigger and fewer furnitures to avoid cluttering the room. Keep small things out of sight. don`t block views into rooms.

*See-through material will make things beyond appear further away.

*Taking advantage of vertical space to enhance a room’s volume. Investing in custom floor-to-ceiling bookcases provides instant architectural detail and draws the eye upward. This makes a small room feel established in the past, truly solid, and more inviting.At the same time, the bookshelves free up floor space and provide ample room for display so there’s no need to bring in additional furniture, which can make a room look cluttered

*small rooms feel bigger when they engage the senses. Small rooms immediately feel more expansive when a window or French doors allow a breeze to pass through. Tiny rooms feel bigger when their acoustics are harnessed to make the most of beautiful music. And tactile choices play a role. Smooth, cool surfaces of polished stone and marble make a room feel bigger than wood furnishings

*Hang art or painting on a distant wall—preferably a wall in the next room. “By drawing the eye to a distant spot that has a striking visual element, you expand the perceived depth of field”


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