Lucky Drops



lucky-japan-house lucky-japan-house-1 lucky-japan-house-2 lucky-japan-house-3 (1) the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-6

the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-10 the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-16 the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-18


the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-22 the-unique-lucky-drops-house-by-atelier-tekuto-24 U5535P950DT20110616152548



Designed for an extremely small and oddly shaped plot of land just 40 ft. wide, this long, narrow home outside Tokyo features skin-like transparent external walls that let sunlight permeate the entire building. Yamashita named this house “Lucky Drops,” the equivalent to an old Japanese saying for “the best for last,” because of his effort to turn this leftover plot of land into a place of living comfort.

Much of the home’s living space is underground on the most spacious floor, where the width was not dictated by the size of the plot. Yamashita used expanded metal as the floor material, letting sunlight fall deeper underground and illuminate the underground space.


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