Lucky Drops by Atelier Tekuto

“Trick” perspective in main living space

The building was designed for a very small plot (3.2 x 29.3m, with 0.5m setbacks). The architect wanted to use the full length of the plot, hence making the building as large as possible.

The main living spaces are underground – for cooling reasons perhaps, but also to build beyond the 0.5m setback. The length of the building, as inspired by the restrictive site, lead to the idea of using the ‘trick’ perspective, which makes the building’s interior look even longer and larger than it really is. The building is tall at the front and slopes towards the back.

The top floor is made of stretch metal, letting light flow to the lower levels. The exterior walls also form the roof. A translucent material covers the whole building like a skin.

This architect is not concerned with fitting in a lot of high-tech solutions into a small space. The furniture doesn’t fold away or slide. The focus on the project is to create an interesting space.




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