HAWS (Converted garages, London) by Levitt Bernstein

A proposed solution to London’s housing crisis: As the property prices in the city increase, so does the number of homeless people. It’s just too expensive to live in the city.

The Architect proposes the use if unused council estate garages as temporary housing units for Hackney’s homeless. If, at a later stage, the site is to be redeveloped with new buildings, the housing units can be disassembled and relocated elsewhere. Some garages are individual living units, while others function as communal kitchens.

This is a really great example of how compact living can be fitted into an existing context, and used to solve urban issues.

Each dwelling has a small exterior space. The green roof is typical for garages of this type.

Some garages are private dwellings with living space, bedroom and bathroom. Others are serve as communal kitchens


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