Billboard House by Apostrophy

Exterior + Interior view of Billboard House

This light structure is built to fit size of standard billboard. The owner of the house earns money by renting out the space of the billboard for urban advertising. This is a great way of building affordable dwellings in the very centre of cities.

The building has a open structure with transparent stretch metal on floors and walls. This material is very typical in Thailand’s urban environments. The different patterns can be moved to overlap, creating new patterns. The mesh façade allows light into the interior; and the interior spaces are allowed to “borrow” space from the exterior. There is a fluid inside/outside transition. When a billboard is mounted on the building, less light is let in through the walls. This explains the use of stretch metal as flooring, as this allows light to penetrate through the different levels.

The roof is equipped with solar panels, used to supply both the house and the motorised Trivision billboard (changes between three images).

Billboard House can be prefabricated and delivered on a truck. This flexible installation process and delivery method means that the house can be relocated and reused in a new context

The building works both with and without an added billboard. In theory both sides of the building could be equipped with billboards, but the quality of the interior space is better with just one billboard.

Prototype of the house without billboards. The yellow base is the base, which allows the building to be loaded onto a standard truck.

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