Cases: techniques for the visual expansion of space

Polished Concrete Floors Orange County-jpg-605x399


Reflective surfaces- mirrors the environment, expanding perception of space.


small atrium

Simple spatial extension- withdrawing the floor slab slightly, connecting the two levels


Multilevel visual contact- Diagonal views through several offset floors

atrium skylight


Atrium/skylight, natural light and sky-bound views without the full atrium.


Fujimoto- Multilevel transparency.

1351036449_cml003-528x414 combarel-marrec_valentin_apartment

Elevated privacy core- retains openness, while enabling privacy in one direction.

exterior interior

Semi outdoor zone- making the hallway into an atrium.


Leading by concealing- next floor is semi-hidden, but underlined by light.

free ceiling

Ceiling gap- allows for longer views, more light, and a sense of flowing spaces.

multimcore cutout

Cutting the core- excess space is cut from the volume, making it lighter and more transparent.

open closed

Core as separator- Divides the larger room in two, without clear walls or doors. Allows for a more fluent space.

visual connections through functional space1323196453-fujimoto-house-h-3625

Transparency and function- retaining functional areas, while allowing for visual contact and light transmission.


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